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Official Statistics : Agriculture
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada  AAFC use the search facility to find statistical reports.

Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics  ABARE. Select 'search publications' tab for statistics; includes commodity data.

Data and Statistics  USA.Gov. Contains links to US data and statistics on government, business and economics, defense and international relations, environment, energy and agriculture and other topics.

Data sets  Economic Research Service. USDA ERA.

Database of international statistical activities  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. UNECE lists the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region (Demographic and social, Economic, Environment, Agriculture, Banking, Energy, entrepreneurship, Labour, Transport, Tourism.

Economics, statistics and market information systems  United States. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service. US DA ESMIS.

Eurostat  European Commission. European economic and regional statistics, also Agriculture and fisheries, Economy and finance, Environment and energy, Industry, trade and services, External trade, Population and social conditions, Science and technology, Transport.

Food availability  Economic Research Service. USDA ERS. Food availability (per capita) data system includes three distinct but related data series on food consumption.

Government documents archive  Public Administration. United States, Public Administration focus on health, labour, agriculture, crime and energy as well as historical government documents and data .

International Fertilizer Industry Association  IFA statistics by country/region from 1973/74 onwards, total fertilizer consumption by region 1970/71 onwards.

Key figures on the enlargement countries  European Union. EU enlargement countries in comparison with the European Union from 2001 to 2011 on Economy and finance, Population, Industry and trade, Agriculture and fisheries, Transport, Environment, Energy, Science and technology.

Market and trade data  United States. Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service. FAS.

Ministerio de Agricultura  Peru Agricultural statistics. Text is in Spanish.

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries  AGRESTE .

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries  MAFF production, marketing and consumption.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries  Cambodia, The Agricultural Information and Documentation Center (AIDOC)crops, livestock, fisheries, forestry and rubber data.

National Agricultural Statistics Service  United States. Department of Agriculture. NASS.

OECD FAO Agricultural outlook  Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development. OECD from 1999 - . The 2011 report provides world market trends for biofuels, cereals, oilseeds, sugar, meats, dairy products and, for the first time, the fisheries sector over the 2011-20 period. This edition also includes an evaluation of recent developments, key issues and uncertainties in those commodity markets.

Statistical atlas - Eurostat regional yearbook  European Commission - Eurostat. European statistics 2013 Economy, Population and social conditions, Industry, Agriculture and fisheries, Transport, and Science and technology.

Statistics - EU  European Union. Economic and Financial affairs statistics including: Agriculture, E-commerce, Internet, IT, Environment, EUROSTAT: Statistical Office, Fisheries, Footwear, General economic and trade indicators with the EU's main trading partners, Humanitarian Aid, Information Society, Science, Technology and Innovation, Key figures 2005, Textiles and clothing, Toys, Trade in goods, Transport.

Statistics explained : guide to European statistics.  European Commission. EC encyclopedia of European statistics and glossary. To find the information you need, use the hierarchical statistical themes, the categories or the search function provided.

Statistics producers : Gateway to United Kingdom National Statistics  United Kingdom Government Statistical Service. United Kingdom links to statistical and numeric data on: Agriculture and Environment, Business and Energy, Children, Education and Skills, Crime and Justice, Economy, Government, Health and Social Care, Labour Market, People and Places, Population, Travel and Transport .

StatsWales  Office for National Statistics. Welsh Government statistics to view, manipulate, create and download tables from Welsh data (includes: Agriculture, Business, Census, Culture, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Local Government, Population, Safety, Tourism, Transport, and Well being. Also available in the Welsh language .

Sugar Traders Association of the UK

Trade data and statistics  United States Department of Agricuature, Foreign Agricultural Service.

UK national statistics  Office for National Statistics. ONS United Kingdom Statistics Authority, links to statistics on the following topics: Agriculture and Environment Business and Energy Children, Education and Skills Crime and Justice Economy Government Health and Social Care Labour Market People and Places Population Travel and Transport Equality and Diversity Migration .