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Official Statistics for Region : Europe

Association of European Airlines  AEA European air transport statistics.

Auto data  European Automobile Manufacturers Association. ACEA new motor vehicle registrations, production, exports/imports, road crashes.

Council of European Social Science Data Archives  CESSDA provides research data and metadata, including sociological surveys, election studies, longitudinal studies, opinion polls, and census data.

Data of the European Central Bank  Economagic. ECB monetary data courtesy of Economagic.

Database of international statistical activities  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. UNECE lists the activities of over 30 statistical organizations active in the UNECE region (Demographic and social, Economic, Environment, Agriculture, Banking, Energy, entrepreneurship, Labour, Transport, Tourism.

Databases  World Health Organisation, Regional Office for Europe. WHO / Europe’s portal to health statistics and to detailed monitoring and assessment tools for key areas of health policy, such as health, morbidity, mortality, infectious diseases, violence and injuries, physical activity and tobacco control.

Demographic change in the EU  European Union. EU is facing demographic changes (an ageing population, low birth rates, changing family structures and migration). In the light of these challenges it is important, both at EU and national level, to review and adapt existing policies. Links to the European demography forum from 2006 and the European demography report from 2007.

Digital agenda scoreboard  European Commission. Belgium. 2011 Working paper on the use of the internet in the countries of Europe.

Entrepreneurship Indicators  Eurostat. Eurostat-OECD entrepreneurship indicators collect internationally comparable statistics to enable the "measurement" of entrepreneurship .

Environmental indicator report  European Environment Agency. EEA 2013 reports on natural resources and human well-being in a green economy.

EU regional competitiveness index  World Economic Forum (Paola Annoni and Lewis Dijkstra). RCI 2013 European regional competitiveness index.

EU trade data including Comext  European Union. Eurostat's COMEXT database contains the official European Foreign Trade Statistics. It includes detailed statistics on the intra- and extra-trading in goods of all EU member states. Aggregated data for the EU12, EU15, EU25, EU27, EU10 (NMS) and EU12 (NMS+Romania+Bulgaria) is available.

European Central Bank  European Central Bank. ECB. Click on Statistics tab.

European Commission bilateral relations statistics  European Commission. EC, detailed statistics for countries and regions are published in datasheets, while basic annual figures appear in the overview pages.

European Commission bilateral trade relations  European Commission. (EC) Main trading partners and Economic and trade indicators.

European Council on Refugees and Exiles  ECRE asylum applications.

European Environmental Agency  EEA data on Air pollution, Biodiversity, Climate change, Land use and Water.

European Free Trade Association trade statistics  EFTA.

European labour force survey annual results  Eurostat. European labour force statistics.

European Parliament elections, particpant survey  Statistics Sweden. European Parliament elections since 1995. Select 'tables and graphs' tab.

European Regions Airline Association statistics  European Regions Airline Association. ERA compiled and analysed by the ERA Directorate include: airline monthly and quarterly statistics; airport, fleet and historic data for Europe.

European social statistics  European Commission - Eurostat. 2013 Eurostat pocketbook includes: Population, Health and safety, Education and training, Labour market, Income and living conditions, Social protection, Crime and criminal justics.

European Union Statistics  Glasgow University Library. Provides links to some of the major producers of European Union statistics.

Eurostat  European Commission. European economic and regional statistics, also Agriculture and fisheries, Economy and finance, Environment and energy, Industry, trade and services, External trade, Population and social conditions, Science and technology, Transport.

External trade statistics  European Commission. EU external trade statistics cover all goods exchanged by the EU Member States with some 250 trading partner countries (extra-EU trade) and between EU Member States (intra-EU trade). Click on relevant tab.

Facts and figures  Münchener Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wirtschaftswissenschaften - CESifo GmbH. CESifo Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research. Select Business climate or database of institutional comparisons in Europe (DICE) for information.

Fertility and family surveys  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. UNECE Population Activities Unit.

HIV / AIDS Surveillance in Europe  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. ECDC and the WHO Regional Office for Europe jointly coordinate HIV/AIDS surveillance data covering all 53 countries in the European region annually.

INNO - policy trend charts  European Commission. Describes and analyses major innovation policy trends at national and regional levels across Europe in an independent way. It aims to contribute to policy assessment and to identify examples of good practice, thus improving the basis for decision making in innovation policy .

Key figures on humanitarian aid  European Commission.  Europe, ECHO.

Key figures on the enlargement countries  European Union. EU enlargement countries in comparison with the European Union from 2001 to 2011 on Economy and finance, Population, Industry and trade, Agriculture and fisheries, Transport, Environment, Energy, Science and technology.

Making data meaningful  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. UNECE provides in two parts provides guidelines and examples of effective writing and ways of preparing effective tables, charts and maps to make data meaningful.

Market access database  European Commission. Statistical trade flow data.

OECD Journal on Development [metagora]  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. OECD Measuring Human Rights and Democratic Governance: Experiences and Lessons from Metagora; a project which took place from 2004 to 2008.

Online customs tariff database  European Commission. Taric is a multilingual database in which are integrated all measurems relating to tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation.

Regional economic outlook: Europe  International Monetary Fund. These reports discuss recent economic developments and prospects for countries in various regions.The reports include data for countries in the regions.

Science and technology indicators for the European research area  Community Research & Development Information Service. CORDIS.

Statistical annex to European economy  European Commission.

Statistical atlas - Eurostat regional yearbook  European Commission - Eurostat. European statistics 2013 Economy, Population and social conditions, Industry, Agriculture and fisheries, Transport, and Science and technology.

Statistical migration data  European Commission.

Statistics  Asociacion de Fabricas de Automotores. ADEFA data for Europe. New motor vehicle registration by country and type, motor vehicle production by country and type, imports/exports, motor vehicles in use, road accidents, technical characteristics (diesel, 4x4, cc).

Statistics  European Conference of Ministers of Transport.

Statistics - EU  European Union. Economic and Financial affairs statistics including: Agriculture, E-commerce, Internet, IT, Environment, EUROSTAT: Statistical Office, Fisheries, Footwear, General economic and trade indicators with the EU's main trading partners, Humanitarian Aid, Information Society, Science, Technology and Innovation, Key figures 2005, Textiles and clothing, Toys, Trade in goods, Transport.

Statistics explained : guide to European statistics.  European Commission. EC encyclopedia of European statistics and glossary. To find the information you need, use the hierarchical statistical themes, the categories or the search function provided.

Structural business statistics  European Commission Eurostat. European data on Finance, Entrepreneurship, Industry and construction, Trade and Services.

Transport statistics  European Commission.

UNECE Environment, housing and land management division  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. UNECE specific reference to data on housing and building.

UNECE Gender Statistics database  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. UNECE.

UNECE statistical database  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. UNECE statistics on country, economic, forestry, gender, transport for Europe.

Women and science  European Commission. Statistics and indicators on researchers, academic staff, research funding, scientific boards.

World payment report 2013  Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Capgemini and RBS in this report explore the global payments market at a critical juncture. With US and European economies feeling the effects of a slowdown, inflationary pressures, and the fallout from the credit crisis.

World payments report 2010  Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Capgemini and RBS annually review world payments.